Reducing the Commons’ subordination to government

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According to a BBC report of 18 July, The chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee has said the House of Commons remains “acquiescent in its subordination to government”, despite recent reforms.

The Committee has proposed various reforms in its report, but we recommend electing MPs by STV in multi-member constituencies. Although this may not be the complete solution, it should help considerably to reduce the Commons’ subordination to government.

STV, more than any other voting system, increases voters’ powers and makes representatives more dependent on their voters and less dependent on the leadership of their parties. This would reduce party patronage and make it easier for back-benchers to call the Government to account. Being more accountable to their voters could also encourage them to call the Government more to account.

Also, because STV makes it easier for a popular but deselected MP to be re-elected, it reduces the power of the leadership to end an independently minded MP’s career.

STV is a proportional system of election that has many unique advantages in addition to being proportionate and this is one of them.

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