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What Russell Brand could have said about voting

Contributed by David Smith. This is his opinion and not necessarily that of STV Action. On Newsnight on Wednesday 23rd October, following the announcement that Russell Brand would guest edit an issue of the New Statesman, Jeremy Paxman challenged him … Continue reading

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STV to stay in Ireland

Submitted by Keith Underhill on Tue, 22/10/2013 – 13:53 There was a lot of talk about Ireland changing its voting system, a constitutional convention was set up and in August it come to the following conclusion: “The Convention decided decisively … Continue reading

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Two Practical Steps to advance STV

The Reform Groups Network site is well worth a visit. We found two blogs of particular interest. First, John Greenwood has suggested, under “A Cunning Plan to demonstrate a better voting system” of 8 October, running demonstration PR elections alongside … Continue reading

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Australian and German elections

Submitted by editor on Sun, 20/10/2013 – 18:50 The Proportional Representation Society of Australia (PRSA) has issued very interesting reports – the best we have seen – on the recent general elections in Australia and Germany. Like Fair Vote in … Continue reading

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First past the post helped cause USA shut-down

Submitted by editor on Sat, 19/10/2013 – 10:05 Rob Richie, Executive Director of Fair Vote (in the USA), and his colleague, Devin McCarthy, have written excellent articles in Washington Post and Huffington Post and we recommend you to read them. … Continue reading

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