STV to stay in Ireland

Submitted by Keith Underhill on Tue, 22/10/2013 – 13:53

There was a lot of talk about Ireland changing its voting system, a constitutional convention was set up and in August it come to the following conclusion:

“The Convention decided decisively in favour of keeping the current PRSTV electoral system
but in a modified form, in particular by increasing the size of constituencies and changing
from the alphabetical order of candidates on the ballot paper. Members also recommended
a series of measures to improve voter turnout at elections, from the establishment of an
Electoral Commission to the an enhanced education programme in schools. I believe these
results give a very clear message of the regard in which the current PR-STV electoral system
is held but equally of a strong demand for changes to it, as part of a more substantial
agenda of political reform.”

This is excellent news and I think that getting rid of the 3 member seats will greatly improve the system, as many of them were foregone conclusions, often with only one of the parties giving any choice of candidate.

The commission overwhelmingly rejected moving to the greatly flawed MMP system(mixed member proportional), which failed to work in Albania and Italy, by 79% to 20%.

The government is expected to respond before the end of the year.

The full text of the convention report is in the link below…

Keith Underhill

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