Broadly based movement

There seems to be a spat between Godfrey Bloom MEP and Katie Ghose (Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society) –… – about whether activists of very different political views should co-operate with each other when they agree on electoral reform.

STV Action’s view is that they should.

All STV Action asks of its supporters is that they support the Single Transferable Vote (STV). Supporters are free to hold their own individual views on all other issues and we do not wish to divide them from each other or us so we do not ask them to support or oppose any other political campaigns, and STV Action itself does not campaign on any of them. For example, we do not mind if some of our supporters want to reduce the minimum voting age and others don’t or if some want to leave the EU and others don’t.
The electoral reform campaign must be a broadly-based movement.

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