Joan Davies 9.1.1930 – 25.3.2014

We very much regret to announce the death of Joan Davies on 25 March 2014. She was a stalwart champion of STV, had been a member of the ERS Council and was at one time its Chair.  She had also been Chair of DAGGER (Democrats Action Group for Gaining Electoral Reform). She is a great loss to the electoral reform movement.

She was a very keen supporter of women’s rights and had represented a leading NGO on human rights at UN and other international conferences.  She had also been a magistrate.

We extend our sincere sympathies to her family.

The funeral will be at St Michael’s Church in Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire at 2pm on Monday 7 April.

Donations may be made to the Desert Flower Foundation –, which was a cause dear to her.

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One Response to Joan Davies 9.1.1930 – 25.3.2014

  1. We have received the following tribute from Michael Steed:

    “Joan Davies was a doughty fighter in a good cause.

    The good cause which I particularly shared with her was a better democracy, but it was far from her only cause. She was also a passionate feminist, humanitarian and internationalist, and, believing that change in a democracy came through political parties, an active Liberal and then Liberal Democrat.

    Joan served her party as both European and Westminster candidate and as district councillor. She was also the dynamic propeller of one of the party’s internal pressure groups, DAGGER, the Liberal Democrat Group for Gaining Electoral Reform. This became her main personal cause in recent years.

    She understood the workings of electoral systems well and was a convincing exponent of the need for both multi-member constituencies and preferential voting to ensure genuine choice for voters and a fair reflection of their views. Achieving a better democracy required such rigorous analysis.

    She required of her party that it be true to its principles, and consistent in its analysis and presentation of what would make the voting system more democratic. She was a fierce critic of those fellow-Liberals whose willingness to compromise she saw as fudging the issue.

    The Liberal Democrats in Britain and the electoral reform movement have lost a courageous champion; worldwide, human progress badly needs people like Joan prepared to fight for such beliefs, centred as hers were on a vision of human rights and human capacity.

    Michael Steed (President of the Liberal Party, 1978-9; acting chairman DAGGER)”

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