Government Review nails accusation against STV

Today is the seventh anniversary of the Ministry of Justice’s Review of Voting Systems.

As the review stated in paragraph 21 of the Executive Summary:

“All the newly introduced voting systems have achieved a greater degree of [party] proportionality than FPTP, although only STV in Northern Ireland has achieved what academic observers consider to be close to genuine [party] proportionality.”

This nails the accusation by some that STV is less party proportionate than other PR systems. In any case, STV offers many other advantages that other PR systems do not. Not least of those is that only STV can provide proportionality of any other significant points of view that matter to voters.

STV also increases voter power, maximizes voter choice and ensures that all MPs are elected the same way so there are no disputes about whether some are elected more legitimately than others.

Please see for other quotations from the Review.

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