FPTP knackered – STV: A big improvement and absolutely fair

We are delighted STV Action is not the only UK website devoted to STV after all.

We strongly recommend you to visit http://www.knackered.org.uk which clearly explains why First Past The Post (FPTP) is not fit for purpose and STV would be so very much better. It was written by David Green, a former Council Member of the Electoral Reform Society.

It is about 7,000 words long and we could not do justice to it by summarizing it, but a few headings from it will give you a flavour:

• Our voting system is only 29% efficient!

• 650 lotteries to elect a government!

• FPTP is bad for national government, local government, voters, parties and the country – it’s bad all round; it is knackered!

• The Return of Multi Member Constituencies

• Doing away with the mark of illiteracy

• STV: Proportional Representation of voters, not just parties

• STV: The Supervote

We hope this is enough to persuade you to read it in full.

Those of you who already support STV will find a lot in it to help you campaign for STV. Those who may support reform and are curious about voting systems can learn much from it.

As the Sligo Champion wrote in January 1919, “[STV] is a big improvement and it is absolutely fair”.

Visit http://www.knackered.org.uk!

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