Benefit the nation and the voters

If the Liberal Democrats get about half UKIP’s votes (8% against 14%) but about 10 times as many MPs 20 – 30 against 2 – 3), will the Liberal Democrats stand by their principals and demand electoral reform? In particular, will they insist on the Single Transferable Vote (STV), which they have always recognized as the best voting system for voters?


If the current election was by STV, the Liberal Democrats could now be looking at winning about 52 – 65 seats for about 8% – 10% of the vote.

Nevertheless, the real point of electoral reform is not to benefit this or that party but to benefit the nation and the voters.

STV would give every viewpoint in Scotland appropriate representation without exaggerating the SNP’s support and giving the balance of power to what will probably be the fifth largest party in UK votes. Please see David Green’s excellent exposition on for more on this.

Will the SNP stand by their principals and demand STV for the next General Election?

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