Electoral reform is needed more than ever now

Electoral reform must be back on the agenda now! Even the Daily Telegraph has published an article about it although unsurprisingly the writer, Dan Hodges, is against reform. Nevertheless, he has stimulated a lively debate:

Here is the response I posted:

“Dan Hodges is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Perhaps David Cameron would have been PM either way, but that’s not the point.

The basic argument for PR is not that we have a Conservative Government but that the present Winner Takes All voting system is unfair to voters and undemocratic. It would be equally unfair and democratic if any other party had 50.9% of the MPs for only 36.9% of the votes.

The Winner Takes All is particularly dangerous at present because it is leading to the break-up of the UK despite Scotland’s “No” vote last year. The SNP’s 95% of Scottish MPs, because of Winner Take All, gives the erroneous impression that the Scottish people overwhelmingly support independence even though the SNP had only 50% of the Scottish votes.

The voters made the SNP the fifth largest party in the UK but Winner Take All made it the third largest party in the House.

Especially while the Labour Party is licking its wounds and electing a new Leader, the SNP, thus artificially enlarged, may become the de facto Opposition. It will present the political debate less as Right v Left than as England v Scotland.

A more representative House, with more Conservative and other pro-Union MPs from Scotland, would have averted this danger.

Students of political history may recall that Winner Takes All gave Irish Republicans
a disproportionately large share of MPs in the 19th century and this led to the division of Ireland and the secession of the south from the UK.”

Please visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/politics-blog/11643323/The-electoral-reform-lobby-needs-to-sober-up.html#comment-2057808064 (not my fault it’s so long!) if you would like to see, and perhaps join in, the debate.

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