STV Centenary, 1916 – 2016

2016 marks the centenary of the all-party Speakers’ Conference of 1916, which recommended the Single Transferable Vote (STV) voting system for electing the UK’s MPs.

Sadly, the then Government rejected the recommendation and we are still campaigning to improve the way we elect MPs even though UK Governments of different political persuasions have recognized the defects of First Past The Post by introducing various systems for other elections in the UK:

  • Regional List system for electing MEPs in Great Britain;
  • Additional Member System (AMS) for electing members of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh and London Assemblies;
  • Supplementary Vote (SV) for electing directly elected Mayors and Police & Crime Commissioners;
  • Single Transferable Vote (STV) for all elections in Northern Ireland (including MEPs) except for electing MPs.

In addition, the Scottish Government, with wide cross-party support, introduced STV for Scottish local government elections.

So MPs don’t think First Past The Post is good enough for the election of other politicians and yet they claim it is the best system for their own election!  It may be the best for them but it’s certainly not the best for voters.

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