From EU “Bureaucrats” to unrepresentative British Parliament? No thanks! We want something better

STV Action is proud to be one of 39 organizations and individuals who have signed a letter to The Independent online calling for an early PR election, so that Parliament will really represent voters and the Government that negotiates the UK’s exit from the UK can speak for the nation instead of a mere 36.9% of it.

“The fundamental choices we make in the next two years will shape the United Kingdom for decades to come.” The Government that makes those choices for us must have a real mandate from us to make them.

In particular, the letter calls for a voting system:

• That those who are entitled to vote have a vote that counts, and counts equally no matter who they vote for, or where they live;
• That the share of seats a party gets should closely reflect the share of votes the people give them.

The second requirement no longer wants “seats to match votes”, and says “closely” reflect rather than “exactly”. Although we would prefer “reasonably” instead and “closely” might turn out to be a Trojan horse, we believe that the Single Transferable Vote (STV) is the only system that meets both these criteria.

Other signatories include Make Votes Matter (which organized the letter), Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party), Tim Farron MP (Leader, Liberal Democrats), Hywel Williams MP (Westminster leader of Plaid Cymru), Nigel Farage MEP (Leader, UKIP), Neal Lawson (Compass), and a number of local electoral reform groups.

To promote the call for a PR election, the signatories urge readers to sign a petition that can be found at and we also urge STV Action readers to sign it and to tell all their contacts about it.

Please see for Make Votes Matter’s Press release and for The Independent’s article.

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