Reform in the USA

Maine became the first state in the USA yesterday to adopt ranked-choice voting (known as Alternative Vote (AV) in the UK) for gubernatorial, congressional and legislative elections. It is also sometimes called “Instant Runoff Voting” (IRV).

Although not proportional, it ensures that the winner has the support of at least half of those who have voted and expressed enough choices. It is very good for filling single offices like Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Police Commissioners and Chairpersons.

Only two of Maine’s Governors since 1974 have received more than half the votes in FPTP elections.

There are some legal questions to be answered before it becomes law, but it is a significant step in the right direction.

Please look at if you would like to know more about this.

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One Response to Reform in the USA

  1. Melbcity says:

    Hopefully they will not adopt the Australian Proportional Representation system as used in the Senate or ACT/TASMAINIA Both seriously flawed in its design and excution

    Just look at the mess in Melbourne.

    The Greens vote increased in value disproportionately. The Greens had a surplus of 44 votes made up of 14000 ballot papers with a value of 0.003 for each ballot paper. This vote later increased in value to 0.08 or the equivalent of 2000 added votes as it passed through a later elected candidate. This distorted the proportionality of the count giving an unfair and unjust advantage to the Greens.


    There should be a recount following Brooke Wandin’s disqualification not a count-back which further distorts the “proportionality” of the vote..

    The count-back system used in Victoria is seriously flawed and should not be supported as long as they use the Droop Quota They ignore the unsed votes left on the table that still retain a value.

    The method of calculating the surpluses transfer value and distribution of votes from excluded candidates in need or urgent reform of Proportional Representation is to be retained in Victoria.

    There is an need for weighted Transfer calcutaion and a reiterative count where the ballot count is reset and restarted following every exclusion of any candidate. as if the excluded candidates had not stood.

    We also need to adopt a single vote Transfer process where all votes are transfered in a single transaction without segmentation. A weighted reiterative count does not require segmentation.

    No full value vote should ever skip a continuing candidate. A reiterative counting system ensures that each vote is treated equally.

    We also need to rethink the adaption of the Droop Quota. Why should these voters be denied a say in who should represent them.

    Until we address these issues it is difficult to support Proportional Representation in its current implementation – Even the PRSA does not use proportional Representation to elect its National Executive.

    Hopefully the Victorian State Parliament will conduct an inquiry into the 2016 Victorian Municipal Elections.

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