Officers’ Profiles

Officers’ Profiles

Anthony Tuffin (Editor)

Anthony Tuffin FCIS, FPMI is a retired pensions consultant; he and his wife have three daughters and seven grandchildren between them. He first joined the Electoral Reform Society in the early 1960s; he was a member of its Council from 1999 to 2012 except for one year. He is also the former Treasurer and has previously served as Chairman of its Campaigns Committee. He was the founder Chairman of the Suffolk Electoral Reform Group and the Yorkshire Electoral Reform Group and is the founder Chairman of Make Votes Count In West Sussex.

Peter Morley (Campaigns Adviser)

Peter Morley is a transport consultant after working as a general manager of technical services in several London Boroughs under different political administrations. He is married with a son and a married daughter. He joined the Electoral Reform Society in 1974, and was on its Technical Working Party and recently its Campaigns Committee. He has run, and given training and talks on, STV counts. He is a former trustee of the McDougall Trust, a charity which encourages research into political science and methods of election.



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  1. Peter Morley says:

    A good start

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