Impartiality Policy

All STV Action asks of its supporters is that they support the Single Transferable Vote (STV). Supporters are free to hold their own individual views on all other issues and we do not wish to divide them from each other or us so we do not ask them to support or oppose any other political campaigns, and STV Action itself does not campaign on any of them.

Regardless of the personal views of its Officers and Supporters, STV Action will try to treat all political parties registered in the UK without bias in providing technical information and advice about voting systems.

STV Action may support one or more candidates or parties if STV Action thinks that their election would advance the cause of STV. Support for a candidate or party or the provision of technical advice or information does not mean that STV Action or any of its Officers endorses that candidate’s or party’s policies except to the extent that STV Action considers those policies would advance the cause of STV.

If you have any queries, please contact the Editor.


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