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Electoral Reform Organisations

United Kingdom

Democratic Action Group for Electoral Reform (DAGGER) is an active campaign for STV within the Liberal Democrats, but does not currently have a website. Phone Joan Davies at 01242 227230 for more information.



United States of America

Citizens’ Assemblies on Electoral Reform

Animations of STV

Journals and Periodicals


The following links are for official commissions, inquiries and reports which include an examination of voting systems.

Command Papers and House Papers

The following Command Papers and House papers refer to STV. All the documents are available from Official Documents, the official reference facility for Command Papers, House of Commons Papers and key Departmental Papers.

Fact Sheets


STV Software

  • OpenSTV project (a project to develop STV software, which anyone is free to use)
  • The Electoral Reform Society no longer offers the eSTV election software.

Election News

Constituency Maps

UK Parliament Links

UK Government Links

Devolved Institutions

Local Government

International Organisations


Other Links


2 Responses to Links

  1. Peter Hirst says:

    why no link to your Facebook page?

    • Thank you Peter. We knew there was a lot of work to be done on the links. They were all carried over from our old site and we need to check which are no longer valid. Our Facebook page is fairly new and we overlooked adding it to the links.

      I have posted a link now but there is still work to be done on links.

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